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Most travel agencies deal with many clients daily. Managing monetary transactions and due payments can be difficult for them. However, companies are always looking for an easy and time-efficient way to properly collect the due costs from their clients. In that way, travel invoice templates will be beneficial tools for the agencies to keep track of the transactions and collect the due payments on time.

After receiving travel advice from a professional agent, customers are given a payment request in the form of a travel invoice. The invoice could be for a variety of services, including phone, consultations, tickets, trip research, itinerary creation, and hotel reservations. Clients usually pay a fee that is dependent on all trip costs. If the travel agent is paid on an hourly basis, the invoice should show the hourly rate as well as the total hours spent supporting the clients.

How to Create a Travel Invoice?

A travel invoice is one of the most crucial legal documents that a travel agency will ever make. However, it has a direct impact on when you are paid and how those payments are made. Before creating a travel invoice, you need to perceive its importance to efficiently and properly do so. However, in this post, we’re going through helpful tips and tricks together as means of creating a travel invoice. So that you can run your travel or tourism business smoothly and efficiently. You can also find professional business invoice templates on our website.

Steps to Write Your Own Travel Invoice

  • In the very first step, you need to specify your client’s details. For example, his/her name, address, phone number, email, etc. This will be helpful in identifying the clients better and save on time.
  • In the second step, list down all the services you have provided to your clients. Write complete details including the duration of the tour, number of people/passengers, applicable charges, additional services costs, etc.
  • Mention a unique invoice number, issuing date, and the due date of the payment. An invoice is usually a reminder to the client to pay the dues. However, the last date to submit the payment helps to avoid any conflict in the future with the clients.
  • Add a specific section on the invoice for clarifying the terms and conditions of the transactions. This section must contain complete details including refund policies, payment methods, installment instructions, extra interest rates, etc.
  • In the end, specify your company’s contact information including name, phone number, office address, email, social links, and a website link (if you have your company’s site). It is important because you can provide a medium for your clients to contact you back in the future for further traveling services.

Free Travel Invoice Templates

Make your travel agency business more efficient by creating a professional invoice with the help of our free travel invoice templates below. You can easily select any of them and customize them as your own choices.

Travel Invoice Template 01

Have a look at this Travel Invoice details template below with a plain yet effective layout. It is available for you to take advantage of as a Microsoft Excel file. After utilizing this invoice template, you can easily present payment dues to your clients. Meanwhile, it will fulfill all your demands and will do the calculations automatically of the amount along with tax rates. Moreover, it allows you to complete editing facilities according to your needs. So don’t waste your time and money creating from scratch. Simply download it with a single click on the below button and prepare this invoice as your own travel invoice template.


To get this travel invoice template 01, hit click on the download button below.


Travel Invoice Template 02

Here we are showing you a great and responsible layout of the Travel Invoice Template. This invoice template is creatively designed in MS Excel format and especially for tourism businesses. Its structure includes all the necessary information about the client company, invoice details, a responsive table, payment info, TOCs, and a signature line. Meanwhile, you have to put the details and amount values in the cells, then the invoice will provide you with a subtotal and final amount along with tax. Below are some additional features provided with this travel invoice.

  • You can easily replace any element to fit your needs
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Excel
  • Change the table format according to your wish
  • Free fonts also provided in a zipped folder
  • It is free of cost for everyone


To get this travel invoice template 02, hit click on the download button below.


Travel Invoice Template 03

This Travel Invoice Template is available on our website along with a professional design and user-friendly layout in MS Excel format. Meanwhile, it provides you with super-easy customization features and you don’t need technical skills to edit. The template will calculate your amount values automatically along with discount deductions using built-in formulas. Further, you can easily add more rows and columns, resize the table, and play with fonts, colors, and more. Additionally, it contains some icons in the header section to represent phone numbers, email IDs, and official website links. So, without wasting your time, grab this nice travel invoice template free of cost from the download button below.


To get this travel invoice template 03, click on the download button below.


Travel Invoice Template 04

This travel invoice template is preferably suitable for all travel agencies that are looking for a professional and creative sample to develop invoices. Its layout provides an official design along with the proper alignment of invoice details in awesome fonts and an amazing color scheme. Using an MS Word file, you can easily edit this invoice according to your choices. Further, we are also provided you with free fonts along with this invoice template. So, download it quickly to create your own travel agency invoice.


To get this travel invoice template 04, click on the download button below.


Travel Invoice Template 05

Here is another generic sample of travel invoice templates with complete editing features, and absolutely free of cost. The layout of this invoice template is optimized for MS Word files. Users can easily download it and can customize it according to their needs.


To get this travel invoice template 05, click on the download button below.


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