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Managing finance during studies is much important for a student. Without a proper budget plan, a student may dive into serious conditions. To get rid of these conditions, Student Budget Templates helps to get started to stay organized with your finance and you can get the benefits that will make the effort worthwhile. However, we have some steps and solutions, so that you can easily set up your budget during your study time and help to track your expenses and income. You can also find the business budget templates on our website.

Decide a Specific Timeframe for Your Budget

A student budget may be for a week, a month, or for a calendar year.  If you are enrolled in a school, college, or in a university, you might think about creating a student budget plan for your academic term, such as for your current semester. You should remember that your monthly income may fluctuate from month to month and that not all of your expenses will be consistent. Include your Large expenses into your budgets, such as a trip for the holidays or a larger bill. However, you have to determine a specific timeframe for your weekly, monthly, or semester-wise budget plan.

Create Categories of Your Expenses

Start to categorize your all expenses and record each and everything you spend your income on in a specific time period (such as for a week, month, or year). This process may be time-consuming for you, but it will be very helpful to understand where your income going on. You can easily better manage your all expenditures against your actual income. After all of them, get your bank statements and credit histories that will help to show other expenses that might be paid.

Make a Plan for Savings

In this step, you have to make a good plan for saving money for the future. Then, you can use your savings as an emergency fund and help yourself to deal with unexpected expenditures in the coming days. However, set up an ideal amount for emergency funds that covers the next three to six months of your unexpected expenses.

Balance Your Income against Expenses

After the savings plan, you should have to collect and identify your income sources and expenses. Balance your actual budget by comparing your income with the expenses. You can do this process just by simply subtracting your all expenses from the total income you have.

Review and Maintain Your Budget

After finalizing a student budget plan, you’ll have to make a living document such as an Excel sheet or Word document. You should update these documents time-to-time to better manage your budget. Below are some important things that need to remember:

  • Review your student budget on a daily basis and check your spending against your income.
  • Don’t panic about small expenses and get yourself on track with your budget.

Free Student Budget Templates

Creating a Student Budget Template may be complicated. But don’t worry, we are offering you our exclusive collection of Student Budget Templates available on this post. You can get all of them without paying and without any paperwork.

Weekly Student Budget Template

Check out our exclusive version of the Weekly Student Budget Template. This worksheet is available in Microsoft Excel and is helpful for students to keep track of their weekly finance. There are different sections provided on the worksheet. Where you can easily manage your income, school/college expenses, housing expenses, and other expenses over a period of seven days. In the other section below, you’ll see a summary of all the values entered in the cells. Further, the values of budget, actual, and variance will calculate automatically using built-in formulas. So, you don’t need to calculate them separately.

On the other hand, you can see a weekly budget chart at the bottom of the worksheet which will provide your overall outcome in a graphical display. However, this one will be a wonderful choice to manage and track a weekly student budget. Download this template free of cost in a zipped file from the button provided down to the sample image.


To get the weekly student budget template, click on the download button below.


Monthly Student Budget Template

Are you looking for a well-designed Monthly Student Budget Template and not satisfied from scratch? Here, one of the stunning examples of student budget templates is provided below. This one is also created in Microsoft Excel format with a modern design and in a blue color combination. Using this template, the students of a school, college, or a university can easily understand its work and track their monthly finance. The worksheet divides into several parts including a monthly budget chart, budget summary, income, and expense details. All the values that you’ll enter in the cells will be calculated automatically using built-in formulas. You just need to replace the dummy data and then the chart will also be updated and provide a display of your budget, actual, and the difference between them.

However, this Stunning Monthly Student Budget Template is available free of cost. You can download it with a single click on the button below the preview.


To get the monthly student budget template, click on the download button below.


Yearly Student Budget Template

Look at this marvelous layout of the Yearly Student Budget Template which is also available free of cost. This budget sheet is created in Microsoft Excel and specially designed to minimize the year-end financial headache for students during their study times. The wonderful blue theme of this worksheet contains different sections including a summary, month-wise expense details, yearly income, and a budget chart. After putting in the details of the budget, you’ll get automatic calculations of your values with its built-in formulas. Moreover, the yearly chart will also be updated with month-wise expense details. However, the working of this budgeting worksheet is much simple and students of every age can easily understand it. Get this Yearly Student Budget Planner from the download button provided below this sample image.


To get the Yearly student budget template, click on the download button below.



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