Student Attendance Sheet Templates

Student attendance sheet templates are the type of document that is mainly used for tracking the overall attendance of the students. It ensures teachers that the students attend the classes they are needed to. Successful teachers generally start by involving their students and ensuring that they attend class on a regular basis. Reviewing student attendance is much more important as low attendance may impact a student’s overall performance. However, we’ll go through the advantages of using free student attendance sheet templates. You may record attendance using a variety of tools. But there are several advantages to using a student attendance sheet. We also help to find out instructions on how to make an attendance sheet in Excel or Word. You can also get the student budget templates from our site.

Advantages of Student Attendance Sheet Templates

Using an attendance sheet template helps teachers determine which students were missing when they were supposed to be in class. These templates enable them to make tracking the students’ attendance a simple and time-saving task. Because all schools are required to retain an attendance sheet for future referrals and to preserve a record of which student was there on any given day.

The attendance sheet enables the teachers to make regularity possible for the students. It allows teachers to keep a record of their students present or absent in the class daily, weekly, monthly, or a whole academic year. Additionally, it assists teachers in reducing their workload and saving much time that may be put to better use.

Student attendance sheet templates are also useful for institutions where a large number of students are enrolled. For example, high schools, colleges, and also universities. These institutions may be training institutes or educational sectors. However, with the help of printable attendance sheets, the teachers of these institutes can easily track their leaves, public holidays, and vacations.

An attendance sheet is also beneficial for students. Because they can get a chance to learn more about opportunities and scholarships. Therefore, their consistent attendance benefits those who are a week in learning by allowing them to acquire the abilities they require precisely.

The layout of the Student Attendance Sheets

Some student attendance sheets may have a comprehensive structure. But, a general layout of the sheet contains the following details:

  • Name of the school, college, university, or other educational institutes.
  • Name of the class representative or teachers.
  • Full names of the students with their identification numbers.
  • Other information such as class and section. Also, guardians’ contact numbers.
  • A section for daily, weekly, or monthly attendance marked as present, absent, and late.

Free Student Attendance Sheet Templates

Here are our professional Student Attendance Sheet Templates that are available for exactly what you need to download. All of them are free of cost and fully customizable. It means that you can make the changes whatever you want to better suit your needs.

Weekly Student Attendance Sheet

If you’re looking for an attendance sheet template to record your students’ attendance over the period of seven days, then you can try our marvelous sample below. This wonderful attendance sheet comes with editable features and a beautiful layout. The template is designed using MS Excel format. With its help of it, you can easily record and track your class students’ attendance for a whole week starting on Monday and ending on Saturday. Further, you just insert the capital letter P for present and A for absent, then the worksheet automatically calculates the total absent and present for each student. On the top of the sheet, the logo of your institute can also be placed. However, you can also edit any element as per your choice. So, don’t waste your time creating another one, download it free of cost from the button below.


To get this weekly student attendance sheet, click on the download button below.


Weekly Student Attendance Sheet – MS Word

Check out another weekly student attendance sheet template below in the MS Word variant. This single sheet provides you with the latest design and structure. The layout starts with the school’s logo and contact details. In the middle, some blanks are provided for putting the month, class name, week number, and teacher’s name. Further, a beautiful and customized table features along with essential columns for recording weekly attendance. You can easily adjust its segments or can expand the table rows as per your needs. Following are some key features provided with this weekly attendance sheet.

  • Week starts from Mon to Saturday (however, you can adjust it as per your choice)
  • This template is compatible with all versions of MS Word formats
  • Easy to edit and printable structure
  • The free signature font is also provided in a zipped folder
  • You can easily download it free of cost


To get this weekly student attendance sheet (MS Word), click on the download button below.


Monthly Student Attendance Sheet Template

Here the Attendance Sheet Template in EXCEL is an easy-to-use tool for marking the attendance of the students at high school or other educational places to ensure that all of the students have attended class regularly. This template, however, enables you to record your students’ attendance for a whole month period. Just mark the P for present and A for absent in the given cells, then this worksheet will provide totals of monthly absent and present for each student. Further, you can change the alignment of the data as per your needs. So feel free to download this exclusive monthly student attendance sheet from the button below without paying.


To get this monthly student attendance sheet template, click on the download button below.


Yearly Student Attendance Sheet Template

The Student Attendance Sheet Template is a common tool and a tracking sheet to analyze, track, and remind students who have attended or missed the class. Here, in the preview below, you can use this yearly attendance sheet to maintain month-wise attendance records of a student. This great tool enables you to easily customize each element using MS EXCEL format. Furthermore, the totals of month-wise and year-end absent and the presence of a student will be calculated automatically. At the top section, it allows you to put basic details such as student name, ID/roll number, teacher name, year, and also parents/guardians’ contact info. However, this worksheet is only for maintaining a single student’s attendance record for a whole year. You can make multiple copies for each student. So, quickly download this attendance sheet free of cost from the button provided below.


To get this yearly student attendance sheet template, click on the download button below.


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