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The sales invoice is the general document that is mostly used in small and large-scale businesses. These invoices literally enlist the description and quantity of goods or services. Further, it contains the buyer’s and the seller’s contact details. Such invoice plays a necessary role in bookkeeping and financial records for any business. In this post, we will discuss the importance and core factors of sales invoices. We will also go through some exclusive samples of the sales invoice templates that help to prepare for your own business.

These invoices are used to seek payment dues from the customers for purchasing the goods and computer hardware. Some basic information is frequently required for an excellent record of sales. This information includes the details about the seller, the customer, the description of goods or services sold, the quantity and price of the things, the date of the sales transaction, and the mode of payment. You should also include the discount and general sales tax on the commercial invoices with the net total payable at the end after every deduction.  Moreover, you have left some space aside where you can edit the details provided to the clients or customers. It will allow you to base the majority of your bills on a single document, which will consider a significant step toward a more effective invoicing process. Thus, presenting this information in one document may be quite beneficial in the long term.

The Layout of the Sales Invoice Templates

Usually, a sales invoice template is the outline of all the information relevant to each and every sale you make to a customer or client. However, the general layout of a sales invoice is separated into three sections.

The Top Section:

This section is the header of any type of sales invoice. It usually contains general details like the customer’s name and address, a unique invoice number, the invoice issue date, and the customer’s specific order number.

The Middle Part:

In the middle of the invoice, a table is placed to list the details of goods or services sold to the customers. This table includes the columns for essential elements. For instance, serial number, description, quantity, unit price, discount, and cost.

The Bottom Section:

At the bottom of the invoice, you should add the summary of the table and some major details. Such as a total below the cost, a tax amount (optional), and net dues. However, payment details and the terms of sale are essential to write in the footer.

You can easily print out the free sales invoice templates from scratch or can manage than in any workplace for various purposes. A sales invoice helps you better management of the records for different clients. You can also keep these records in separate color codes for convenience. In short, this invoice template enables you to calculate per unit price by design without human intervention.

Free Sales Invoice Templates

Creating such a template may take much time for its design and layout. But, don’t worry about that, we are going to provide you with our best versions of Sales Invoice Templates which are available in this post. You can get all of them without paying and without any paperwork.

Retro-Style Sales Invoice Template

Have a look at the below superlative Sales Invoice Template in Retro-Style. This wonderful invoice template is designed in MS Word format with modern fonts and awesome colors. The template, however, contains all the important segments that a company needs for the professional invoicing process. For instance, invoice number, issue date, seller and buyer details, a table for items’ info, amount totals, and payment info with TOCs. Further, a beautiful signature font is also provided for inserting authorized signs. So, you can get this retro-style sales invoice free of cost from the download button below.


To get this retro-style sales invoice template, click on the download button below.


Corporate Sales Invoice Template

Check out our marvelous Corporate Sales Invoice Template below. It features a great design and a well-organized format of invoicing details. This sales invoice comes with a combination of three eye-catching colors scheme and beautiful font styles. All the invoicing information is provided in a single piece of Word document. However, you can easily make adjustments to the details according to your needs. Further, put your business contact details including phone number, email address, and weblink at the bottom. Before using it, please don’t forget to replace the company logo and company name in the header section. To quickly download this sales invoice for free, just hit click on the button provided.


To get this corporate sales invoice template, click on the download button below.


Vehicle Sales Invoice Template

This sales invoice is available for free download in Word format for your showroom business. It can easily edit, email, and print. Further, the template can be used for most types of vehicle sales businesses and billing. However, it has separate places to add your company info, vehicle details, payment info, and terms of sale. You can get this invoice from the download button provided below.


To get this vehicle sales invoice template, click on the download button below.


Modern Sales Invoice Template

If you’re looking for a professional sales invoice template for your online business, then you can try our magnificent sample down here. In the preview below, this sales invoice is created using in Microsoft Word file along with a modern layout and a combination of light-black and red colors. Our modern sales invoice template, however, will be a good option for your brand company because it fulfills all your client’s invoicing requirements on a single sheet. Further, you can easily make changes to any element as well as the format of the table. So, feel free and quickly get this sales invoice from the download button below.


To get this Modern sales invoice template, click on the download button below.


Computer Sales Invoice Template

Here is the excellent Computer Sales Invoice Template below. In the preview below, our template shows the company logo, invoice number, billing and shipping address, description, price/item, quantity, and total. However, you just need to enter these details, then it will automatically calculate the subtotal, tax rate, discount, and net amount. So, you can easily edit and customize this sales invoice template with Microsoft Excel to fit your needs. Download it free of cost from the button below.


To get this computer sales invoice template, click on the download button below.


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