Restaurant Invoice Templates

A restaurant invoice is a piece of receipt document that is mainly used in a restaurant setting. For asking a bill after a meal in the restaurant, this type of invoice is issued to the customers for telling them about the food they ordered and how much they have to need to pay for. In this post, the restaurant invoice templates are available which will greatly help you to prepare such invoices for your own restaurant business.

The restaurant invoices are the special type of invoices that are intended for usage in a restaurant. These documents help to gently ask the consumers to pay after having meals. You can keep track of inventory with a restaurant invoice since you’ll know how many things are left and which ones need to be replaced.

Purpose of These Invoices

Restaurant invoices are more than just serving meals. Such invoices are critical to have processes in place to collect the payment in order to manage and develop a successful business. However, an effective invoicing process is a key component of this. Use the restaurant invoice template to charge your customers and collect the payment so that you can get back to doing what you need. Then enlist the record on the file for references for payroll, taxes, and also accounting. However, a restaurant invoice lists the following elements:

  • Meal items
  • Prices per food/meal
  • Quantities
  • The total amount for each and overall net dues
  • Payments details
  • Privacy policy
  • Customer and restaurant details

How to Create a Restaurant Invoice?

Creating your own restaurant invoice templates is quite easy. With the use of appropriate templates here, you can easily create one for your business. You don’t need to have extra knowledge about the creation of such invoices. So, we will love to help you as much as we can. You may also search for business invoice templates on our website. Therefore, below are some steps for you to follow. So you can easily prepare a unique one and also modify the steps as per your own choices.

  1. In the first step, you need to think about the design and layout of your restaurant invoice. It will help you outline all the necessary elements properly.
  2. Decide the details that you want to include in your invoice template. It depends on your needs and on your business criteria.
  3. After getting the details, start creating your restaurant invoice templates. There are two possible ways, one is the use of a blank invoice template that is appropriate to your demands. The other way is to make the restaurant invoice from scratch.
  4. Open a blank page and start working on the layout of the invoice according to your wish.
  5. Before finalizing, make the changes and revisions to properly adjust the all details.
  6. If you wish to make your restaurant invoice using a ready-made template, then you can use our free collections available here. All of them can be customized or edited as per your needs.

Free Restaurant Invoice Templates

Here on this website, you can get our exclusive versions of restaurant invoices which are surely helpful to make your own. All of them can be downloaded without paying or without any paperwork.

Restaurant Invoice Template 01

Don’t miss the chance to immediately use this neatly designed restaurant invoice that comes with a ready-made structure. This file is available in MS Word format in A4 & US letter sizes and also comes with awesome fonts and styles.  Further, you can easily make adjustments to the billing details and restaurant contact info. At the top, replace your restaurant logo and its name before starting to create your own. So, without wasting your time, click on the download button below and get this invoice free of cost.


To get this restaurant invoice template, click on the download button below.


Restaurant Invoice Template 02

This simple and free restaurant invoice template provides a good way to create an invoice for billing your customers. Using it in MS Word format, you can make a general invoice in a few minutes. You just have to customize it by adding a business name and editing it by inputting billing details about what the customer has been served.


To get this restaurant invoice template, click on the download button below.


Restaurant Invoice Template 03

Check out this wonderful and creative invoice template for your restaurant business. It can be used to ask for payment for the meals when your customers have just finished. This invoice, however, displays a unique and modern design by its nature. All the necessary information is aligned in a very proper manner. But, you have the option to make the changes to it according to your needs using it in MS Word file format. Moreover, in the footer section, you can place your restaurant logo and social media links to follow. So, hurry up! and make this invoice your professional restaurant invoice after downloading it from the button provided below.


To get this restaurant invoice template, click on the download button below.


Restaurant Invoice Template 04

Here is another beautiful restaurant invoice template in red theme. This exclusive version is specially designed for pizza restaurants in MS Word file format. It contains all the necessary elements for getting payment from your customers after having meals. Further, payment instructions and the TOCs can also be placed in the recommended sections. You can edit this template as per your desires such as changing the color theme, the illustrations, fonts, the table format, etc. Click on the download button and get it for free right now.


To get this restaurant invoice template, click on the download button below.


Restaurant Invoice Template 05

Need a gallant way of asking your customer to pay after the meal at your restaurant? Just use the below template to prepare your professional restaurant invoice in a flash. Using this one, anyone can create a great invoice because all that remains is entering information about the items the customer was served with. The table below has four columns which are descriptions where you provide details of the items or food served, quantity, unit price section, and line total. The sum of all these contributions will be given automatically using built-in formulas. However, you can download this marvelous invoice template in MS Excel file format for free.


To get this restaurant invoice template, click on the download button below.


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