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A rental invoice is a legal document that the landlord issues to their tenants for requesting rent. It is usually a monthly invoice or depending on the agreement between the two parties. These invoices are the types of transaction statements used for legal and tax purposes. In this post, we will talk about rental invoices and their role between a tenant and a property owner. We also provide you with useful rent and other invoice templates so that you can easily prepare your own.

If you’re a property owner or a landlord, then you must see that your renters will pay the dues on time. Before the last date, you can issue them a rental invoice along with all the necessary details they have requested for the payment. A rental invoice is also served a role as a reminder whenever tenants forget to pay their rent. So, make a proper and professional rental invoice and spot a rare difference in your accounts. You can select any of the rent invoice templates from the internet as a guide to writing your own rental invoice.

Benefits of Rental Invoice for Landlord and the Tenant

For a property owner or the landlord, a rental invoice help them or the management company to maintain a professional appearance. This invoice also allows them to keep track of which tenants have paid their due on time and which are not.

A rent invoice has also benefited a tenant. It provides proof of their current rent payments. A tenant can make a copy of the rental invoice and save it as a reminder of the dues paid. However, if the property owner sues a tenant for nonpayment, then they can show them an invoice copy about the dues paid.

Which Elements Contains in a Rental Invoice?

The well-organized rent invoices contain several necessary elements. Following are some major segments you need to include when creating such invoices.

  • Property Owner’s Details: Since the rental invoice is a transaction statement. You have included the landlord’s details like his/her full name, phone number, email id, house address, etc.
  • Renter’s Details: Write down the contact details of the tenant including name, address, phone number, and email id which is also necessary to appear on the invoice.
  • Invoice Number and Issuing Date: This is a very necessary element of any type of invoice. Specify a unique code or number of the invoice. Also, don’t forget to insert issuing date and display it along with the invoice number.
  • Property Address: Feature a proper address of the property on the invoice which is the rent is being demanded.
  • Additional Items: These should be utility charges that make up a subtotal. It must include the tax or discount offer and then a grand total should be displayed at the bottom.
  • Terms and Conditions: It is another important factor to write the terms of payment along with payment details at the end.

Free Rent Invoice Templates

Rental invoices are necessary but they don’t have to add an extra burden on you. However, we take away your stress with easily editable rent invoice templates that are available in different formats below.

Rental Invoice Template 01

Starting from different sites, especially when creating a rental invoice is a bother as it needs you to spend a lot of work and time and you need to carefully think about what to include in it and how to format your invoice. The good thing is you can use this beautiful rent invoice template as your own. Meanwhile, it is available in Microsoft Word format for easy editing. Using it, you can put the details of your rental agency along with the logo, the tenant’s details, and listing down property rent information. Furthermore, some blanks are given down where you can write the terms of payments and authorized signature. So download it without any charges with free fonts used in this rental invoice template.


To get this rental invoice template 01, click on the download button below.


Rental Invoice Template 02

Check out another design of the rental invoice template below. It is created using MS Word format with awesome fonts, an elegant color scheme, and a well-organized layout. For your own rental invoice to be complete, this version has the necessary information. For example, rental company details, the renter’s info, issuing date, unique invoice number, a list of the rented property, utilities, amount, payment terms, and other notes section. Moreover, you can utilize this sample as per your own needs. To download this invoice with free fonts, click on the button provided below the sample image.


To get this rental invoice template 02, click on the download button below.


Rental Invoice Template 03

Grab this simple invoice template for free and prepare for your own rental agency. It has all the necessary elements and you can easily make the changes or replace the dummy data using it in an MS Word file.


To get this rental invoice template 03, strike-click on the download button below.


Rental Invoice Template 04

Here is the perfect invoice template below especially designed for your rental agency. Using MS Excel format, this template will surely save you a lot of time in preparing a proper invoice. When you enter the rent rate and utilities, the invoice automatically provides you with totals, subtotals, and net amount along with the tax rate. Moreover, you can easily insert your tenant detail and terms in the recommended blanks. Don’t forget to replace your own agency’s logo before sending it to the renters. So, to customize this invoice according to your needs, download it from the below button along with free fonts.


To get this rental invoice template 04, click on the download button below.


Rental Invoice Template 05

Make use of this stunning invoice template and do not forget to prepare ahead of your rental invoice. It is available in Microsoft Word format so everyone can easily adjust its layout to fulfill their demands. However, it’s really important to include your company information, logo, renter’s details, a list of property rent including utilities, and payment methods and terms. This rental invoice will be a good option for your own rental agency because of its marvelous design and proper arrangement of the information. Quickly download it without any paperwork from the button below.


To get this rental invoice template 05, strike-click on the download button below.


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