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Sending and receiving the invoices is an essential part of the transaction process including buying and selling the goods. It is very important for business owners to know how invoice plays a role in retails, sales, or manufacturing process. Before creating invoices, you should know about the working of these legal documents. In this post, we will go through the explanation of an invoice in businesses and will offer you some of our modern invoice templates. So, you can easily prepare for your business and send them to your customers. You can also find out free business invoice templates on our website.

An invoice is a type of legally binding document that a company sends to customers for buying its products or services. In many areas of the globe, people also called it a bill. A general invoice must clearly contain sales details. It mainly starts with a unique code or number and with issuing date. The client’s contact information is also stated on it which is the major section of any invoice. After the client’s details, there will be a complete list of the services or products provided to the customers. Such as service descriptions, necessary taxes, and good prices.

Importance of the Date on an Invoice

The issuing date shown on an invoice’s top is the specific time at which the company’s services were billed. On the other hand, invoicing date contains important payment information, and it determines the credit period of the bill as well as the due date. This is especially essential for those companies who provide the services on credit. The due date of the invoice is normally about 30 days following the invoice issuing date. However, those companies who allow their customers to return the products, usually have a deadline that depends on the number of days from proof of product purchase showing on the invoices.

What is the Role of an Invoice in Accounting Internal Controls?

An invoice is an important part of accounting’s internal controls. Proper management employees of a company must authorize the charges on an invoice. On the other hand, this piece of the document is paralleled to a purchasing order. The payment is issued for approving the transaction when the proper details are reconciled. When the checking process begins for expense cutoff, an auditing company checks that invoices are submitted into the correct accounting period. However, professional invoices are legally binding agreements between a buyer and the seller, so the terms of sales are subject to change.

Free Modern Invoice Templates

It may take some of your important time to create an invoice for your company. But don’t worry, We will go through with exclusive versions of our modern Invoice Templates that you can easily find in this post. You can get all of them for free without filling out any form and without paying.

Modern Invoice Template 01

Check out our magnificent invoice template with a modern and eye-catching theme. With the blue and white combination tones, this invoice displays a clear and well-organized structure. It contains all the information in awesome fonts. Using MS Word format, this template allows you to replace the company logo, customer details, service information, amount, payment info, and terms of sales. After customization, you can send this modern invoice to your clients. However, it shows you are keeping up with modern trends. So, it is available on our website free of cost and you can easily get it any time from the download button below.


To get this modern invoice template 01, click on the download button below.


Modern Invoice Template 02

Don’t waste your time trying to create an invoice for your business. Try the below nice version of our modern invoice templates. This invoice comes along with great colors (a combination of black and red) and provides you with a modern design. It reflects the important things purchased along with the product description, price, quantity, and also the amount in which they are bought. However, a net total after adding the tax can be placed below the table. Moreover, sections for payment info and terms of sales are also given. This template is available in an MS Word file so you easily adjust the elements according to your needs. Quickly download it free of cost with a single click on the button below the preview.


To get this modern invoice template 02, click on the download button below.


Modern Invoice Template 03

Here’s another Modern Invoice Template in a grey theme. This superb invoice will reflect your skill and cutting-edge knowledge. However, its layout is designed in two separate sections. On the left, you can easily adjust general information including invoice number, issue date, customer info, payment method, and also terms of sale. In the right section, a table is given for inserting product details along with the amount and quantities. This invoice template will attract your clients with its great layout, beautiful fonts, and text styles. Further, some social icons are also provided below to represent the company’s contact info. So, download it in MS Word format without any charges.


To get this modern invoice template 03, click on the download button below.


Modern Invoice Template 04

If you’re in search of a professional-looking invoice template, then try out our latest version of the modern invoice below. It has a beautiful combination of black and grey color tones. It will leave a positive impression on your customers. However, you can start to create your own business invoice in a timely manner. Because this pretty invoice contains all the information related to a professional one. To customize its layout, you can download it in Microsoft Word format free of cost.


To get this modern invoice template 04, click on the download button below.


Modern Invoice Template 05

Here’s another outstanding option for generating a wonderful invoice for your clients. This one can fulfill all your needs with company info, client contact, product details, and more. The template, however, is also available in Word format for quick download and free of charge.


To get this modern invoice template 05, click on the download button below.


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