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A medical invoice is a billing document that has a record of treatment services by a clinic or hospital. It contains a breakdown of all medical equipment or services as well as the costs that indicate when the payment is due. All medical invoices must allow a patient with an outstanding debt a grace period of a few days before affecting their credit record or charging penalties or interest. In this post, we will discuss the role of medical invoices in our lives. We also provide you with a variety of medical invoice templates to help you create your own. You can also search for modern invoice templates from our site.

What is Actually a Medical Invoice?

Usually, a Medical invoice may be a complex document for a common person, but it is not so in reality. However, this document may confuse you at first look. But details may help you to pay for the services you received. If the information given in the medical invoice is not clear, then there is a possibility that the patient or the client may reject to accept that invoice. They may have an argument with the authorities over the issue of the bill.

The invoice slip hospital or medical center charged them for the services. Even if the Health Insurance Company involves in paying the invoice, make sure the invoice has been in an accurate layout. In case the dates of treatment along with their time and cure details are not mentioned in the invoice, then there is a possibility that patients get queries about the billing. They sue the authorities for fake invoice slips for charging them extra and insurance companies, besides denying to pay the dues because of unreliable invoicing. However, accuracy is a necessary element for professional medical invoices.

Structure of Medical Invoices

Medical invoice has to mention the credit card type, they accepted to avoid inconvenience to the payer and to receive payment without any delay or misunderstanding. Separate columns contain a date, time, treatment, and as well as a column for description that carries the detail on the treatment in everyday language to explain the treatment to a layman for the finest understanding and for the client’s satisfaction equally important. Charges for every treatment need to write in front of its name on the list for the best explanation.

The next section must have the patient’s account statement, with all payments and dues. Also, include the status in this section to notify the payer of the current scenario. However, if some payments are still unpaid, then the medical center has the authority to take some action in reply. Finalize the medical invoice by inserting the total amount in a highlighted manner.

Free Medical Invoice Templates

Creating a medical invoice for your clinic or hospital may take a long time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a variety of our exclusive medical invoice templates, which you can discover right here. You can get them all for free without having to fill out any forms.

Medical Invoice Template 01

Look at this stunning version of the Medical Invoice Template below. This template of medical bills enables you to come up with a standard in making medical invoices that will surely reflect professionalism and your brand as well. However, it will make your tasks to collect payment much easier and faster. Because it contains all the essential information which you need for collecting the dues from your customers. This wonderful medical invoice is designed in a Microsoft Word document and allows full customization. To get this invoice for the preparation of your clinic, just hit a single click on the below download button.


To get this medical invoice template 01, click on the download button below.


Medical Invoice Template 02

Check out one of the decent layouts of the medical invoice templates. It displays a professional and modern design with all the necessary information. However, the combination of orange and black makes the invoice more adorable. It is available in MS Word format on our website. So, you can easily make the changes to the elements before sending this invoice to your clients. Download it now for free with complete access to the fully customizable medical invoice with awesome fonts and structure.

Key Benefits:
  • You can download this medical invoice without any charges and in an A4 US letter size.
  • Separate sections are provided for all the necessary information. For example, customer info, invoice number, product details, amount totals, payment info, and TOCs.
  • It can be customized as per the user’s needs or requirements.
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Word files.


To get this medical invoice template 02, click on the download button below.


Medical Invoice Template 03

Try this professional-looking medical invoice template in Microsoft Word format. This invoice comes along with all the required columns for a serial number, product description, quantity, and price. With easy editing features, you can make adjustments to each element as per your needs. Further, some icons are provided at the bottom where you can put the clinic contact details like phone number, web link, and address. So, you can quickly download this medical invoice free of charge.


To get this medical invoice template 03, click on the download button below.


Medical Invoice Template 04

Here you can use this exceptional medical invoice template for very neatly organized medical records. This version is designed in MS Excel format with full editing features. However, you just need to add the product name, rate, and quantity, then the total amount including tax will be given automatically. Further, some icons are displayed at the footer for representing the clinic/hospital’s contact info. Feel free to download this medical invoice from the button below.


To get this medical invoice template 04, click on the download button below.


Medical Invoice Template 05

Here’s the preview of the medical expense invoice that is created using an MS Word document. It’s a basic and comprehensive invoice structure that keeps the visit fee, admission charges, DPC, supervision fee, and also home medical care charges. Download it from the button below without any cost.


To get this medical invoice template 05, click on the download button below.


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