Late Rent Notice Templates

Having a proper process in place as a landlord or property manager to guarantee that a renter pays his/her rent on time. Regrettably, tenants occasionally forget to pay their rent. An important first step in resolving the problem and getting the tenant back on track in these circumstances is mailing a late rent notice.

A late rent notice is a formal communication document used to inform tenants that they have past due on rent and request them to pay their dues in a given time. A late rent notice must adhere to certain rules and contain particular information in order to be effective and legitimate under the law.

We have the step-by-step tips for making a perfect template for a late rent notice:

Determine the Tenant and the Property in Step 1

In the first step, add the tenant’s name and the address of the rental. The name of the renter, property address, and any other pertinent information. For example, the lease agreement number and all relevant details should be included in this document.

Step 2: Describe the Predicament

Describe the circumstance and the reason the tenant is receiving the notice in the body of the late rent notice. Avoid using any language that could be taken as aggressive or hostile, and be clear and precise. You might also want to add any pertinent information, including the amount of rent owed and the date it was due.

State the Consequences of Non-Payment in Step 3

It is important to tell the tenant know what will happen if they don’t pay the past-due rent. This can involve late fees, eviction actions, or legal repercussions. You should adhere to the correct procedures by checking your local laws and regulations.

Step 4: Establish a Payment Deadline

Give the tenant a deadline by which to pay the past-due rent. This should be done within a specific time period, like seven to ten days of receiving the notice. Make sure to include the due date for payment as well as the appropriate payment instructions.

Step 5: Provide your contact details

Lastly, make sure to include your contact details in the notice of late rent. For example, adding the name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Instruct the tenant to get in touch with you if they have any queries or issues with the notice.

Here is an illustration of a late notice of rent:


[Name of Tenant] Addresses are [City, State ZIP]

Dear [Name of Tenant],

You are being informed that you are currently [Amount] late on your rent payment for the month of [Month]. We acknowledge that unanticipated circumstances occasionally occur, but in order to prevent further action, we must receive your money as soon as possible.

Please be aware that additional late fees and/or legal action will be added if the unpaid rent is not paid within [number of days] days of the date of this notification. It is significant to remember that if payment is not made, eviction proceedings could potentially start.

Please send the overdue rent payment in full by [Date] to avoid these repercussions. It is possible to pay in person, by mail, or online. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [Contact Information] if you have any queries or worries.

We value you as a renter, and we want to have this issue settled quickly.


[Name of the Landlord/Property Manager]

In order to make sure that renters are paying their rent on time, landlords and property managers should use a late rent notice as a key tool. You may prepare an efficient and legally sound late rent notice that protects your interests while keeping a good relationship with your tenants by following the procedures indicated above and utilising a template like the one provided.


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