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It’s not easy to manage household expenses for each month. A household budget helps to keep yourself on track. It enables you to know how much income you have and how much you spend. Your budget should include income that you earn for a specific period of time and expense details for the things you paid for. For that purpose, you can use Household Budget Templates to manage all of your spending towards your income. Having a good budget enables you to decide how to spend your money on the things you need on a daily basis. It also helps to track other important elements such as paying for your living expenses, your debts, emergency funds, unexpected expenses, etc. However, creating a household budget is something really important we need to do.

Advantages of a Household Budget

Once you prepare your household budget, you’ll feel relaxed and good about how it can help to keep your finance on track. You can easily outline your spending plan for a week, for a month, or for a year as well. Your household budget enables you to know about which month your daily life finance may be tough or which will be better to have extra money. However, you can then get ways to better management for your finance’s up and down.

A household budget also helps to make a plan to save your income for essential things. Such as children’s fees, for a family vacation, retirement, emergency funds, and for a new vehicle you wish to buy in the future. You can also forecast your spending for a whole year which will be helpful for long-term financial planning. However, you’ll be able to make sensible expectations about your yearly income and expenses. You can also search for student budget templates on our website.

How to Prepare Household Budget Templates?

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to prepare your household budget.

  • In the first step, you should determine your actual income. Most of your household income may come from your job. However, take a look at your pay stubs and notice how much income you get each month after paying taxes and payments for items. You can also include your other income sources in your budget such as stocks or property rents.
  • Once you get all the income sources, subtract your fixed spending from the total income. It may include utilities, rent, bills, insurance, car payments, etc.
  • After subtracting your necessary expenses from your income, set a target to save money for the future’s long-term financial goals. It may contain emergency funds, savings for your children’s fees, savings for your retirement, etc. You can also manage your debt in your budget. Because if you don’t do this, it may damage your credit score and could lead to expensive penalties.
  • In the final category, you should include variable expenses in your household budget. These expenses include the details of food, auto, entertainment, clothing, medical, etc.

Free Household Budget Templates

Creating a Household Budget Template may take time. But, don’t worry about that, we have a variety of our best versions of Household Budget Templates for you which are available in this post. You can get all of them without paying and without any paperwork.

Monthly Household Budget Template

You can use this exclusive template with in-depth budgeting details to keep on track of your household monthly finance. This particular Monthly Household Budget Planner is developed in MS Excel format with a professional layout in a dark-blue theme and is available free of cost. In the preview below, you can see many different blocks of tables (including summary, income, house expenses, daily living expenses, and savings). So you can easily track your monthly budget with expected and actual values of income and spending. Moreover, the overall calculation will be produced automatically using built-in formulas for each section including the summary of the budget.

However, this single sheet of Household Budget Planner is a vital source of budgeting tool to remain your monthly spending on track towards your actual income. So, without wasting your time, quickly get this wonderful budgeting template with a single click on the download button provided below.


To get the Monthly Household budget template, click on the download button below.


Bi-Weekly Household Budget Template

Try out our amazing Bi-Weekly Household Budget Template to develop a better understanding of your 14 days financial affairs. With the help of this one, you can easily make a tracking list of your expenses towards income for two consecutive weeks. This template is created using a Microsoft Excel file with a blue color combination. It is a vital source of the financial worksheet that divides into several sections for both weeks including income details, house expenses, daily living expenses, saving plan, and the summary of all. Further, the worksheet will do the calculations of your details automatically with built-in formulas.

In the preview below, you can see some blanks at the top-right for putting details like owner name, budget date, and authorized signature. However, we hope this worksheet will be a beneficial tool for you to manage and track your two-week household budget. Get the template free of cost from the download button provided below.


To get the Bi-Weekly Household budget template, click on the download button below.


Household Budget Template

To maintain your spending, you can use the following Household Budget Template that is available free of cost in this post. The budget worksheet, however, is also designed in a Mircosoft Excel document in green color palettes. This stunning version can be used to track weekly or monthly household budgets. The structure divides into sections such as summary, income details, and expense details (including house and daily living). You don’t need to calculate your values. Because it will do the calculations of expected, actual, and variance values automatically for each section. Furthermore, a summary chart placed on the top links to the budget summary. It will provide a graphical display of the total income, expenses, and net balance. You can easily get this household budget planner from the download button below to the sample image.


To get the Household budget template, click on the download button below.


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