Consultant Invoice Templates

The consulting business is growing day by day and its demand is also rising. After providing the services to the customers, it is suggested that the consulting businesses should provide a professional invoice. For this purpose, consultant invoice templates help to collect the payment from the client.

Consultant Invoice Templates enable you to increase your profit and create goodwill among your customers. Whenever a consultancy service is notified on the invoice with information, your clients know what they actually paid you for. Remember that you should provide a service as promised, or as decided by the clients. When service should be provided before a specific time or on time as mentioned to the clients then try to hold your word. If you provide your consultancy services after the due date mentioned to your customer, you will surely lose your reliability over time, and this resulted in losing your valuable customer as well.

For orderly consultancy tasks, it is to be sure to sign a formal contract with your customer. However, many individuals avoid this only because they don’t feel confident in drafting a perfect contract. In that situation, you can snatch sample contracts online to kick-start your own contract within minutes.

Advantages of Consultant Invoices

A consultant’s project will become easier by using a consultancy invoice for billing facilities. We have some beneficial things here to use as a good strategy to increase their profit level. The youngest consultant starts with low earnings but when they gain experience, they can earn more money than annually. So when you start working in public areas, you should demand a proper fee from the customer for your consultancy services. It will help to make a good deal for your clients. In that way, you can gain more experience. You can also get an idea of market prices. It will be the time you can charge your clients according to your need. However, you have to arrange the price with your customer.

The consultant invoice should also contain the travel expenses. Your clients have the right to know every aspect of the details provided in the invoice to make sure that the deal is clearly transparent. Clarity is proven to be good for successful dealing in any kind of business because it will save you from many troubles due to incomplete payments. Administration costs along with the accommodation charges should also mention on consultancy and services invoices. You need to attach your tickets with your consultancy invoice or ask your client to make travel plans for you because the media frequently exposes consultant fraud by charging their customers a lot of money under the guise of travel charges.

Free Consultant Invoice Templates

Creating a consultant invoice for your consultancy business may take a long time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a variety of our good-looking and trendy consultant invoice templates, which you can discover right here. However, you can grab these invoice templates for free without having to fill out any forms.

Consultant Invoice Template 01

Are you new to consulting? Then you likely don’t have an invoice to charge your customers yet for your services. Don’t worry about that, below is the wonderful consultant invoice template for you. It is available in Microsoft Word format for preparing and customizing your own invoice. Moreover, it has all the necessary segments to fulfill your client’s demands for professional invoicing facilities. The blue and light-grey combination throws a stunning look and an official layout. However, a well-organized table includes essential columns like serial number, description, working hours, rate per hour, and total amount. Then you can easily put the subtotal, tax value, and grand total below. So, feel free and download this consultant invoice free of charge from the button below.


To get this consultant invoice template 01, hit click on the download button below.


Consultant Invoice Template 02

This is yet another consultant invoice template below which is very useful to raise invoices against the services rendered by the consultant company. Meanwhile, it has a very beautiful and minimal layout along with awesome fonts and a nice color scheme. Further, this invoice template has separate spaces for putting the services descriptions, work hours, price, and total amount. The payment methods and the TOCs can also be added in the recommended areas. Further, you can also add your company’s contact details in the footer sections. Here are some features provided you with this consultant invoice:

  • Available in A4 US Letter size
  • Designed in Microsoft Word file format
  • Fully customizing features as per your needs
  • Adjust the theme color according to your design skills
  • Free fonts are also provided
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Word
  • It can be downloaded free of cost


To get this consultant invoice template 02, hit click on the download button below.


Consultant Invoice Template 03

Here is another good option to create your official consultant invoice. This template, however, will be beneficial for those organization managers who want to charge fees for their consultation by providing a competitive rate per hour. This invoice was created in MS Word format so anyone can easily adjust the items according to their demands. Before printing it, don’t forget to put your own consultant business logo and name. Download it from the button below without any cost.


To get this consultant invoice template 03, hit click on the download button below.


Consultant Invoice Template 04

This consultant invoice template comes along with a standard format, especially for different types of consulting services. Meanwhile, it enables you to put your company details, customer info, and service details using MS Word format. However, you easily download it from the button provided below.


To get this consultant invoice template 04, hit click on the download button below.


Consultant Invoice Template 05

The below invoice template can be used by consultants to create proper invoices to bill the clients or customers for the consultancy services they have provided. It is available in Microsoft Excel format for you. However, it will do the calculations automatically when you put the values in the recommended cells. Further, you can also replace your own company’s logo in the header section. So, quickly download it for free from the button given down.


To get this consultant invoice template 05, hit click on the download button below.


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