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Commercial Invoices are the piece of documents in international trading. It’s a contractual proof of sale that a seller issues to a buyer. This document contains the details of the goods being sold to a buyer. Such information includes the price, value, and quantity of the goods. The Commercial Invoice does not reflect ownership of the items that the Bill of Lading does. However, these documents are necessary for customs clearance. In this post, we will discuss the core factors of commercial invoices. We also have some good-looking samples of free commercial invoice templates that you can use for your business invoices. Check out our Creative Invoice Templates as well.

Purpose of Commercial Invoices

Basically, commercial invoices are export documents that act as legal evidence of the sale transactions. These invoices are used for clearance purposes and contain complete information about the things sold to the customers. However, the following are the smart things for clear identification of its purposes:

  • A Commercial Invoice plays an important role in export and import strategies. It’s a major part of the paper trail for the transaction process that associates with import and export.
  • This invoice contains all the information about the goods, quantities, prices, and also details of the buyer and the seller. So, it can be considered as proof of sale when the transaction has been made.
  • Since it is a legal evidence document so it plays a crucial role in payment guarantees.
  • The exact details of the goods enable the buyers to cross-check and confirm the contents of the shipments.
  • The commercial invoice has all of the same information as a standard invoice contains. However, it can be used as a reminder for payments the past due. So, the commercial invoice is a useful tool for keeping in touch with customers.

Structure of Commercial Invoice Templates

You can get many commercial invoice templates from scratch. But there is a good structure for business invoices as the majority of the details are the same across all designs. However, a good commercial invoice contains the following information:

  • Transaction Details: This section has transaction-related information. Such as invoice number, invoice date, order number, sale amount, currency, and instructions for payments.
  • Details about Importer and Exporter: This part contains the contact and tax information of the seller and the buyer. For example, name, address, phone, email, VAT, EORI, etc.
  • Shipping Details: It mainly consists of shipping details. Including, the bill of lading number, forwarding agent, description of the package, the origin of merchandise, exportation date, shipper’s sign, etc.

Free Commercial Invoice Templates

Creating a Commercial Invoice may take time. But, don’t worry about that, we have a variety of our best samples of Commercial Invoice Templates for you which are available in this post. You can get all of them without paying and without any paperwork.

Commercial Invoice Template 01

Check out this professional structure of the commercial invoice template. This invoice is designed in a Microsoft Word file with eye-catching color schemes. The layout starts with the invoice details including invoice number and date. On the top-right, you can add your brand name, slogan, and customer details. Furthermore, in the table, you have to put items’ info like serial number, description, price, quantity, and total amount. When you look closely at the below sample image of the invoice, there is another section for payment details, TOCs, and grand total of the amounts. However, the blank line is also provided to add authorized signatures. You can make it your business invoice after downloading free of cost from the button below to the preview.


To get this commercial invoice template, click on the download button below.


Commercial Invoice Template 02

Here is another marvelous design of the Commercial Invoice Template. This creative invoice sample comes with a black-and-white theme. It is also developed in Microsoft Word files. However, one can easily customize the layout and replace the provided information. Using this one, you can add a brand name, contact details, bill-to, and shop-to details at the top section. In the table, you have to put items info including serial name, descriptions, price, quantity, and total for each category. Further, payment details on the invoice make it easy for the customer to make payments easy and clear their account. So, this beautiful commercial invoice template will be another good option for your business invoice. Get it now for free of cost with a single click on the download button.


To get this commercial invoice template, click on the download button below.


Commercial Invoice Template 03

Have a look at this commercial invoice template that comes along with an attractive structure. Amazingly, by doing some essential amendments, it is ready to print the commercial business invoice template. This one has a stunning theme in green color pallets and is designed in Microsoft Excel files. On the top, you can place your company name with its slogan. The invoice section contains details about the customer and the company’s contacts. In the table below, you can add the price, quantity, and description of each item. However, the totals for each item and net dues will be updated automatically. Moreover, payment history and terms and conditions can also provide at the bottom left. Therefore, to get this commercial invoice free of charge, click on the download button below.

To grab more free commercial invoice templates, just click here.


To get this commercial invoice template, click on the download button below.


Commercial Invoice Template 04

For a professional commercial invoice, you can use our prominent version provided below. This one is created in an MS Excel sheet and comes with a combination of orange and black colors. Its layout starts by putting your brand name at the top. Also, add invoice numbers and shipping dates. In the table provided at the center, you can put the item description, price per item, and quantities. The total amount of each item, as well as their grand total, will calculate automatically. Further, the customer’s details and payment information can also be placed at the bottom left. This stunning commercial invoice is available for free. So, you can easily grab it from the download button below.


To get this commercial invoice template, click on the download button below.


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